The Guide to Choosing the Right Flowers


There is so much more to flowers than their outward beauty. Flowers have depth and meaning, and there is a flower for practically every occasion. If you aren’t sure what flowers to choose, there should be no worries because we have done the hard work for you.

It is a lost art- handwritten words, outward expressions of a person’s innermost thoughts. Sure, we indulge in conversation through text messages and the occasional phone call, but the art of writing and receiving handwritten words from the heart has become an old practice.

What are words without action? Connect the two worlds in a beautiful way, even when you don’t have the words to say. The action of sending flowers is your way of expressing whatever it is that you want to say.

Flowers that say, “I love you.”

The rose is the number one flower of choice to express romance. The proof is found in the amount sent on every Valentine’s Day, anniversary and with every “I love you” bouquet.

“I love you” is among the most powerful phrases a person can exchange with another. This expression is debatably one of the most vulnerable moments a person can experience. With all that in mind, the first exchange of these words shouldn’t be the last.

The words remain powerful for a lifetime when they are kept, cherished and shared often. This can be done verbally or through physical expressions. This can include going out of your way to make a special someone’s lunch, helping them without asking, kissing them on the forehead just because and any other expression of the love you have for them.

Love is a verb- only truly felt through action. Sometimes that action is found through the exchange of a rose, and what a beautifully expressive flower it is. At first glance, its beauty is intoxicating. Just like hardships, its thorns can cause pain, but with proper care, the result is par none.

Flowers that say, “I am sorry.”

With every love story there are several instances where an “I’m sorry” is exchanged. This makes the rose a stereotypical apology flower. It is believed that the larger the rose bouquet the larger expression of how much he or she is “sorry” in a certain scenario. However, that is just not the case. Associating the two can easily demean the power behind the natural mood boosters known as flowers.

Flowers can’t mend a wrongdoing. Choosing the right flowers can’t erase the past. However, the right flowers can convey emotion, exude positive energy, link where words aren’t quite fitting and better express a person’s sincerity.

Some of the more popular apology flowers include lilies, ivies, white tulips, white orchids and blue hyacinths.

Flowers that say, “You are special to me.”

Admiration can be hard to express because you must narrow down what it is that you are admiring. What do you admire about the person you are sending flowers to? Are you looking to send a strictly platonic bouquet as a reminder of friendship and your appreciation for the person? Maybe you are looking to express the feelings you have for your crush or to simply follow up on an unforgettable first date.

Your options are widespread, just like the flowers you can choose to send. As discussed, there is a rose for practically every occasion and one with nearly every meaning. The lavender rose is your rose of choice to express a blossoming romance. The camellia beautifully expresses admiration. Choose white camellia to send feelings of adoration and pink when reminding someone they are missed.

Flowers that say, “I am here for you.”

I am here for you can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. You may be trying to console someone after a rough week or express condolence after the loss of someone special. Help others find hope in the stargazer lily. Often sent as a funeral flower, this bloom carries a meaning of purity, innocence and sympathy.

The statice flower conveys remembrance. Sometimes sharing that you are thinking or remembering someone can be more encouraging than you may realize. Nothing is more impactful than to know someone you care about remembers you. Of everything and everyone in the world they could be thinking about, they thought about you. That’s powerful.

With all those emotions in mind, they can be expressed through flowers. This gesture dates back several lifetimes. What many just see as a social custom is actually a custom that allows people to express their feelings. In fact, expressing feelings through words was considered ill-mannered at certain times in history.

Flowers are a connecting element. They connect us with nature. They connect us with more intensified feelings. Most importantly, they allow us to connect with each other. Mother Nature gave us a resource. This resource allows us to pluck meaning and feelings out of the earth and share it with others.

That’s powerful.

It is important to choose the right flowers when you are looking to send a message. Don’t set your feelings aside. Rather, it is best to become one with them and to share them often with the people we care about. With life’s challenges, uncertainty and fleeting time, now is always the time to act, living life to the fullest as often as possible.

Our team of flower appreciators, known as florists, at Tiger Lily Flowers and Gifts in Great River, NY, are here to help you make those connections with flowers. We pride ourselves on the gift of sharing smiles and sharing feelings with nature’s gift of florals.

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